i'm jessie


Edible Pen:

At first, I wanted to make something to be able to chew on my pen without making it dirty. When looking at the pen, I noticed you only really use the ink. The rest of the pen is just there for a better grip. I’m one of these people who always chew on their pens and pencils and it got me thinking. Since we don’t really need the top part of the pen, is it perhaps possible to design an edible pen? That was my goal, a pen you can chew or maybe even eat. I collected some pens and tried to find out what exactly on the pen makes it so good to chew on. 
With this information I made three different molds and started trying out different types of sweets, the breaking point and which one chew the best. When I found the right shape and sweets I made a final model in peppermint flavour. The candy which is used doesn’t stick on anything and doesn’t melt in your hands. It’s a bit like those colourful candy bracelets. It contains 22 pieces and the whole pen is filled with edible ink. The only thing which isn’t edible is the small tip you write with. When finished, you throw it away or put in a new refill tip.